May 15 Action photos – Boycott Apartheid, Mayor Murray!


On May 15, Nakba Day (learn more about the Nakba here), QuAIA Seattle members went to Seattle City Hall in their queerest rainbow garb to tell Mayor Murray – Boycott Apartheid! Check out these photos (by Bernhard Uhl) and gif from the action:



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QuAIA’s anti-pinkwashing campaign in the media!

QuAIA’s current campaign around the “40 Years of Pride” pinkwashing conference is getting all kinds of press! Check out and share these articles:


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Nakba Day Commemoration

Saturday, May 16, 12-3pm

Westlake Center, Seattle

Nakba Day (“Day of the Catatrophe”) is an annual day of commemoration of the displacement that preceded and followed the Israeli Declaration of Independence in 1948. During the 1948 Palestine War, an estimated 700,000 Palestinians fled or were expelled, and hundreds of Palestinian towns and villages were depopulated and destroyed. Queers Against Israeli Apartheid Seattle will be joining the Commemoration at Westlake, and bringing our message: Mayor Murray, cancel your trip to Israel! #NoPrideInApartheid

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Mayor Murray: Cancel your pinkwashing trip to Israel!

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is planning a trip to Israel this coming June. He’ll be keynoting a pinkwashing conference organized by A Wider Bridge (the Israel advocacy group that partnered with StandWithUs to organize the pinkwashing tour we protested in Seattle in 2012).  He’ll also be engaging in a “business and trade mission” to Israel with the Seattle Trade Alliance.

Write to Ed Murray ( and tell him to honor the boycott of Israeli apartheid and refuse to participate in pinkwashing Israel’s brutality. There is No Pride in Apartheid!


Your letter is important–no matter how short or how long. Write to Ed Murray and tell him to cancel his trip to Palestine. Lots of info you can add below if you want.

Talking points you could include in your letter:

  • You called for boycott of Indiana in March 2015 to protest homophobia – honor the Palestinian call for boycott of Israel to join a global protest of colonialism and apartheid.
    • Seattle shouldn’t be seeking out new trade partnerships with Israel, we should be boycotting Israel until it ends apartheid practices, honors Palestinian right of return, ends the occupation and colonization of all Arab lands, and dismantles the wall.
    • There are over 50 laws in Israel that explicitly discriminate against Palestinian citizens in addition to the home demolitions, restrictions of movement, and military brutality against people in the West Bank and the imprisonment and bombardment of all the people in Gaza.
    • Israel has been found in violation of international law again and again, yet refuses to comply. That’s why a boycott strategy is essential, and why violating the boycott is an endorsement of a brutal apartheid regime.
  • The “40 Years of Pride” Conference is part of a pinkwashing strategy that co-opts real work against homophobia and transphobia in service of occupation and apartheid.
    • Recently, Israel advocacy organizations like A Wider Bridge have engaged a new kind of Israel advocacy that is focused on using queer and trans rights discussions to promote an image of Israel as a progressive country in order to cover over its brutal human rights violations.
    • Pinkwashing erases the lives and agency of queer Palestinians and the work of queer Palestinian organizations.
    • A Wider Bridge partnered with the homophobic, right-wing organization StandWithUs in 2012 to bring an Israeli Consulate-sponsored pinkwashing tour to Seattle, and Seattle activists pushed back, exposed the propaganda and got the event at City Hall canceled.  The City should not be partnering with Israel advocacy organizations.
  • There is no “neutral” way to attend this conference. Your participation endorses Israeli apartheid and the pinkwashing strategy. It implicates the City of Seattle in this misuse of LGBT liberation struggles.
  • Add facts to your letter that you feel are most compelling:

Sample Letters:

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Seattle Premiere of Pinkwashing Exposed: Seattle Fights Back!

Join us for the Seattle premiere of Pinkwashing Exposed: Seattle Fights Back!

Monday, May 11, 7-9pm
Northwest Film Forum, 1515 12th Ave, Seattle, Washington 98122

In 2012, activists in the Pacific Northwestern region of the US responded to an Israeli Consulate-funded pinkwashing tour featuring Israeli gay and lesbian activists that was coming to the region. Local queer Palestine solidarity activists exposed the “Rainbow Generations” tour as pro-Israel propaganda and got some of the events, including the tour’s centerpiece event hosted by the City of Seattle’s LGBT Commission, cancelled. A significant backlash ensued involving the Seattle City Council and Seattle’s leading LGBT and HIV organizations.
“Pinkwashing” is a term activists have coined for when countries engaged in terrible human rights violations promote themselves as “gay friendly” to improve their public image. Israel is the country most famous for this strategy, having initiated it as part of a rebranding campaign it has been engaged in for the last decade. Through the inspiring story of these activists’ victory, Pinkwashing Exposed explores how pinkwashing works and what local activists are doing to fight back.

The one-hour documentary will be followed by a discussion with activists.

The screening is FREE but you need to get a ticket through Brown Paper Tickets:

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